Message From the Leadership

Providence Baptist Church was born out of a desire to establish a church that embraces the spirit and the Solas of the Reformation, the Scriptures as the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ as the sure hope of all mankind.

We chose the name of Providence for our church because it reflects our conviction that our existence as a body is in accordance with God's plan and purpose for the day in which we live. Our desire and focus is to make Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, the center of all that we do, in order that God's people will be encouraged and challenged to grow in grace and knowledge of Christ, and that God will be glorified in and through the worship of His people. We also believe strongly in evangelism, and missions.

We have further sought to instill within the congregation a sense of fellowship and concern for one other that reflects a desire for the spiritual well being of each member.

Our worship is traditional in nature, with a strong emphasis on the public reading of Scripture, expository preaching and the choosing of hymns based upon their theological content and teachability. Additionally, we encourage family integrated worship in our services.

If you are looking for a church which is Biblically committed, Christ centered, and people focused, we would encourage and invite you to worship with us on the next Lord's Day.